About - Nathaniel Wilkins
He spent 27 years as park and recreation administrator and decided to manage fitness programs at hotels and spas. He reinvented himself and devoted his career to making health, wellness and healing to be something that is achievable for everyone. In fact, he views that these are a person’s birthright.
He leads by example and inspires and motivates others to improve their well-being and quality of life through living a healthy lifestyle.
Nutrition coach, educator, speaker and the co-creator of Ageless Workout along with other fitness communities such as NOW Group Inc. and Panache Fitnesss.
She empowers others from a place of knowledge and personal experience by using fitness to recharge emotionally. She returned from a total hip replacement in 2018, showing that you can accomplish anything with discipline and perseverance.
More than just a quick fix, Shebah’s programs are lifechanging and transformational. Additionally, as a single mother, she has expanded her mission to include areas such as family and youth fitness, medical fitness, and wellness for special needs individuals.
To create an international tribe of mainly active aging adults who are both learners and doers, who choose to transform their lives into what they really want them to be through proper health wellness and healing means and methods.
To build a global life-changing organization of diverse individuals, centered on taking back and owning their lives at the core level of playing, having fun, learning, loving, connecting and living a better lifestyle through health, fitness and healing.
The Ageless Workout Tribe
Ageless Workout has its own community called the Ageless Workout Tribe. We are a group of people who are enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle. A support group that is built on respect and has a very welcoming spirit so anyone can join us! We will be waiting for you inside our tribe