Exercises For Seniors

Exercise For Seniors

It is never too late to build a strong core. You only need to work a little harder and focus your mind on things that matter. You need to eat well, pick stuff up regularly, exercise and sleep. Most importantly, try to engage in regular exercise that helps you build core muscle and develop your abs. Here are some great ideas.

Core squeeze

The core squeeze is the simplest kind of exercise for anyone who wants to harden the muscle in their abdominal area. All you have to do is squeeze in your naval, pulling it into your body. You can feel your abdomen stiff and stomach flat. Hold for a while before you release and repeat. You can do this, anywhere and anytime, several times a day.

Front Plank

This exercise is good for abs because it is designed to target the transverse abdominis muscle. Lie flat on your stomach and then raise your body up with your bent elbow and arm on the floor. Adjust your body so that it forms a straight line. Now inhale deep, squeeze in your abdomen and hold for about seven seconds before lowering down your body slowly. Repeat as desired.

Stability ball crunches

You can practice this exercise to strengthen your core and train you anterior abdominal muscle. Lay on the ball, bend your knees and place your fingertips on your temple. Make sure your body is in perfect and relaxed position with the curvature of the ball. Now, move your body forward as if you were trying to the lower part of your ribcage. Contract your abs as far as they can go before you lease. Repeat at least fifteen times before you take 30 minutes rest for the next set.



The canoe exercise is simple and does not require any instrument. This is a fun exercise recommended mainly for women above fifty years of age. It mimics the riding of a canoe hence, the name. To perform canoe, stand upright with your feet far apart. Soften your knees, raise your hands to your chest and gently move your torso to the right, pulling your hands towards your hip as if you are riding a canoe. Make the same move twisting to the left and repeat as desired.

Leg lifts

If you preferred a simple abs exercise that also help you develop the muscles in your leg, this is an excellent idea. Lie flat on the floor and put your hand beneath your body. Now inhale and lift your legs up to about 60 degrees. Exhale and bend your knees to your chest. Inhale and straighten it back to 60 degrees, and then exhale as you slowly straighten your legs back to start position. Rest for about 2 minutes before you do the next step.

Abs exercise can produce very pleasant results if you are consistent. Eat plenty of protein to feed your muscle, drink plenty of water to hydrate your body and make sure you get enough rest and sleep.

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